Yes! Simply follow these instructions:


1. While on Safari, click the Share button.

2. Select the Add to Home Screen option from the list of options that appears:

3. Choose the name of the shortcut.

4. The icon will now appear on your Home screen and you can access the app from there.


1. Click the Menu button.

2. Click the Add Page To option

3. Select Home Screen.

4. The icon will now appear on your Home screen and you can access the app from there.

Basic points are usually added around 30 minutes after a fixture has been played. These include the starting players' appearance, clean sheet, win, assist and goal points. Yellow and red card points, as well as all subs' points are usually added and finalised the following day. Social media is updated when points have been added.

  • Leagues
    • If 1st place is tied in a weekly, monthly or overall leaderboard, each team's captains points are compared and the team who's captain scored the most points will prevail. If the highest captain's score is also tied, whoever submitted their initial team first will win.
  • Predictions
    • If 1st place is tied in a weekly leaderboard, whoever submitted their predictions first will be declared the winner. If scores are tied in the overall leaderboard, everybody in 1st place are joint winners.
  • Assist is awarded to the player from the scoring team, who makes the final pass before a goal is scored, intentional or not.
  • Assist is awarded if a player's shot is saved, blocked or hits the post and the rebound is scored.
  • Assist is awarded to a player who wins a penalty that is scored. If the penalty taker wins the penalty, they don't get an assist.
  • Assist is awarded to a player who's shot causes an own goal.
  • If the goal scorer loses posession, only to regain it and then score, an assist isn't given to the player that made the initial pass.
  • Assists are added initially and then finalised at the end of a gameweek. Admin decision is final.

If a player misses a penalty, they are awarded minus points. The goalkeeper who faced the penalty will be awarded penalty saved points, regardless if they did or did not touch the ball. For example if the penalty taker completely misses the target, the goalkeeper is still awarded the points for making a save.

If you are having problems with your password, you can reset it here.

The deadline for each gameweek will be stated on the Pick Team, Team Sheet and Transfer windows. The deadline is usually around an hour before the first game of that particular gameweek.

If a player from your starting 11 doesn't make an appearance, he will be replaced by a sub that did play. This is done on a like-for-like basis; for example if one of your defenders doesn't play, they can only be replaced by one of your subs that is also a defender. If your starting captain doesn't play and is replaced, the sub then becomes the captain and their score is doubled instead.

Yes. You can select your captain, formation and swap your players about as many times as you like up until the deadline each week. This is done on the Team Sheet window. You can also make a limited number of transfers before the deadline.

  • Unlimited Transfers
    • Selecting this option allows you to make as many transfers as you want in that gameweek. The transfers are permanent; your squad doesn't revert back to its original state the week after. This option can only be used once per season.
  • Triple Captain
    • Selecting this option trebles your captain's points that gameweek. This option can only be used once per season.
  • Full Squad Counts
    • Selecting this option means your entire squad's points count towards your score that gameweek. This option can also only be used once per season.